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Welcome to sexicars.com!

I.     Introduction:

The website is owned and operated by Sexicars Inc. located in Canada.

Sexicars * Home of car lovers!

I love cars! Discover, share, and experience.

What experiences once you are using www.sexicars.com?

1.       Cars - They are not only the vehicles or toys but also the dreams and ideas. The animated film named “Cars” produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney in 2006 was an interesting idea. Steve Job, a famous co-founder of Apple, is also co-founder of Pixar who built the foundation for Pixar today.

2.       Garage - It is not only a place to park cars but also the place where many young people in the world started their ideas and dreams. There are many famous companies in the world started their business and dream from the garage. Google is the typical example. The founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, rented the garage of their friend to found Google in California in 1998.

Our message is “creative ideas and build dreams”.

Every car is an idea. The idea can be in your mind. It can be saved on your computer or simply you have just discovered it on the internet. “Park” your ideas and grow your dreams in the garage of sexicars.com.

We will be extremely happy once there will be many companies start their business from the garage of sexicars.com.

We hope you all enjoy and find the pleasure and benefit from sexicars.com.

Please contact us at sexicars@yahoo.com. All feedbacks and comments to improve sexicars.com are appreciated.

On behalf of our team, thank you for trusting and loving sexicars.com!


Best regards,

Sexicars Inc.


II.   Milestone:

-       June 2017: sexicars.com will be launched